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oriasanette30calgalMy new chassis is here! My new chassis is here! Rumors of the Orias rifle chassis have been circulating long before ShotShow this year. MEGA Arms displayed a model in their booth with a projection of April being the release date. Well really they are only a couple of months off. Not bad for the gun world. A combined design, manufacturing and marketing effort between MEGA Arms and Killer Innovations, the Orias has finally arrived off the production line and is being distributed at various dealers across the country. I have been shooting with team H&H Precision Rifles for the last year and we will all be sporting the Orias on our rifle builds. I have received the chassis in black for now but I will be designing a 30calgal color and pattern shortly. Not telling yet! I met Rick Olson and John from Killer Innovations at Shotshow and at several local matches this year.

oriastourkillerinnovationsWe had the pleasure of touring their facility this week where the chassis and many other machined rifle parts are made. Killer is located south of Seattle near Olympia. Their 10,000 Sq Ft facility was busy. We changed out our rifles with the new Orias’ there on the spot. They said it would be easy and it was.

A funny side note – I have been shooting long range for years with a man named Brent Olson. I had no idea Brett and Rick of Killer were father and son! Small world.

oriasupcloseI suppose I need to tell you what all of the hub bub is about the Orias. If you have not seen sneak peaks about it yet on social media then I’ll give you an explanation as best as I can. The MEGA Arms/Killer Innovations Orias chassis is compatible with any short action R700 pattern receivers. It has a self-adjusting recoil lug locking system (patent pending). In other words, no need for bedding! How it works is there are an expansion clamp and a floating half round piece inside the chassis. When the screw of the clamp is tightened from the bottom of the chassis it expands the clamp and it pushes the recoil lug in the channel in to this self-adjusting half round. The half round is held by a magnet and it floats. It adjusts for any angularity differences between the recoil lug and the chassis. This eliminates any need for bedding materials. Cool right? It is super easy to remove the action for cleaning or maintenance. You can reinstall it without any shift in zeros. Other great features are the ambidextrous magazine release, which by the way is super easy to release, (I love it) a removable rear trunnion that is compatible with all AR style buffer tubes and buttstocks and a quick detach night vision mount is available. The MSRP is $808. Please go to see for yourself.

I took my rifle out to the range today and the zero was dead on. I will be going to a three day precision rifle clinic this weekend taught by Carl Taylor of InMotion Targets. I get to put this baby to use. My rifle is made up of the following awesome parts; H&H Precision action, Orias Chassis, Leupold Mk 6 scope and scope mount, Black Hole Weaponry polygonal barrel, Accu-grip adjustable grip and I have my Huber Concepts two stage trigger. The butt stock is by XLR.


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