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Every year I love to hunt for cool new and old products that would make great gifts for under the Christmas tree. Gun and outdoor sportsman related of course. I try to find stocking stuffer sized items and one or two high end items. I have some for the ladies only and some that cross over to all. I love this time of year. Ignore the protestors, ignore our annoying politicians and focus on your family and friends, helping others and enjoy this season for what it is supposed to be.

These are not in any particular order. They are all equally some of my new faves!

If you do purchase any of these items from my suggestion, please feel free to tell the company that 30calgal sent you. I do not get any kickbacks I just want them to know people are noticing them!

Merry Christmas



1 – Benchmade Custom Knife benchmade

I was given one of these from Charles for my birthday in October. I love it. It is unique to me and super thoughtful. You can choose the blade and stock colors and you can even have an image, logo or font etched ion to the blade. Mine has my 30CalGal logo on either side of the blades. Start at $120


2 – BottleBreacher

Another fun personalized gift is a different take on the 50cal bottle opener. Again you can have most anything engraved on it. Choose from different finishes. Each comes in a fancy padded gift box with the same engraving or customer’s name printed on cover of box. Fancy! Start at $20.



I won a set of these flip caps at a match earlier this year. It was for my Leupold Mk 6. I just thought it was another scope cap but I realized quickly that when it opened it lay flat instead of sticking straight out. When my other cap stuck out like that it was always in the way of either the bolt as I manipulated it or turning the power dial. No more. Aadmount makes caps for most optics. $99.


4 – AR Grip accugripphoto

Not just any grip. No hand size is the same. For me I have long fingers and a normal trigger finger to trigger length of pull is too short on a standard AR rifle set up. Accu-Grip has solved that problem. With a serrated mounting block under the grip you can adjust the grip back as far as you need to give the perfect length of pull. Genious. Olive drab green, black, desert sand, flat dark earth. For AR or AK-47 platforms. $39.95


5 – Bling Bang iamwomannecklace3colors

Of course I have to offer something from my own line of gun jewelry. I have a large line of necklaces and earrings made from up-cycled brass cases and also hand cut sterling silver pieces. My newest piece is for the ladies to show off their girl power. The “I Am Woman” pendant necklace features a case head of either 9mm or 223 calibers and your choice of colored CZ at primer dimple. Mounted on a Female or Venus sign. Pendant is put on an antique brass ball chain. $40


6 – Custom Ladies AR15 rtnataliescolors

Last year my friend Natalie Foster of Girl’s Guide To Guns got together with Devil Dog Arms to make a line of AR’s for the ladies in a choice of 8 fabulous colors. This is not just a pink AR. If you do like pink her pink color is gorgeous. But you can choose from a stunning Ghost White to Pewter or Gun Metal and colors in between. Offered in 223 or 308 this is on the high end gift list but worth every penny. Gorgeous ARs! Start at $1499


7 – Magpul 2015 Calendar magpulcalendar2015

Every year Magpul outdoes itself with a beautifully shot and printed calendar. I bought these for all of the guys on my list last year and am doing so again this year. This year the calendar is shot in black and white. For every guy’s man cave. $16.95


8 – Dark Roasted Freedom Article 15 Clothing Dark Roasted Freedom Coffee

Yes, coffee. I can’t survive without it and I am sure many of you feel the same. The guys at the veteran owned Article 15 Clothing have come out with the Christmas roast just for us junkies. And of course they do good deeds with portions of profits. Check out their web site for tons of great clothing and accessory items in their well known for guy humor. 1lb is $18.


9 – Magazine Skins GunSkins for the guys and gals leopardmagskin

As you know I love to add some bling to my gear. Without going totally pink I can add accents that make my gear stand out from all of the black out there. An easy an inexpensive accent is to wrap skins around your magazines. Two companies I know offer these. For more of a girly print, Gun Goddess has leopard print textured wraps for your 223 mags. The texture is like sand paper and is great for traction to grab. $20 for pack of 3. Then there are the more manly patterns from Gun Skins. They offer a bunch of patterns that will fit 223 and 308 mags and not to mention skins for the entire gun too! On sale now for $15.99.


10 – Eberlestock X4 HiSpeed Pack eberlestockX4

I have been using an Eberlestock pack for over a year now to use at the Precision rifle matches. I have the large Gunslinger with scabbard. As much as it is an awesome pack it is really big and heavy for me. I like it for the matches that require you to hike for miles or when you need many layers of clothing. It has tons of room in it for that purpose. But I find several matches a year are not big hikers. The match is held close to the range or parking lot. In these cases I do not feel I need the huge pack. I also found I prefer to sling my rifle between stages rather than slip it in and out of the scabbard. For long distance hikes the scabbard is good. So for the smaller traveling and milder weather matches I have asked for one of these for Christmas. The X4 HiSpeed. Enough room for the gear, ammo, food and water I need and easier to schlep on and off. Oh Santa please deliver! $179 at

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