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Sage Flats Shooter Ammo Pouch in red!

Sage Flats Shooter Ammo Pouch in red!

I have to admit that I have turned in to a bit of a gear geek. The games of 3 Gun and precision rifle require a lot of it. Accumulating most of it has nearly driven me to the poor house. But how fun the acquiring has been! Yesterday I posted on FB a photo of a pile of stuff I have bought or been sponsored with for precision rifle shooting. What a difference from a year ago! When I shot my first two matches last year I made do with very little and/or borrowed stuff. I would listen over the shoulders of squad members as they used their range finders to get target distances at each stage. I had a tiny hiking backpack I tried to fill with things I had no idea if I needed or not yet. I had my ammo in the big plastic boxes I use for long range. I was using factory ammo given to me and I had no idea what a Kestrel was. I was also given a ballistics table from someone in VA, made off of their software program and from finding the environment of where the match was online. Of course the weather was very different than what their table was based off of. Coming out of those matches I really felt like I wasted a ton of ammo

My "cache" of cool gear

My “cache” of cool gear

shooting at air. Your confidence fades as you realize you did not personally get zeros for your ammo and rifle. Well no more! I now have my own rifle, my own loads, and my own gear!

I guess the reason I am writing this post is that I am super excited about all of my new stuff and wanted to share with you what I have. Don’t get me wrong. I am not done shopping. I hope to find and try out even more cool things. Some of these items were given to me by companies, sponsors or test products, and some I have purchased. I will be doing in-depth reviews of things soon so this is just an overview. If I can, I always look for used items on the forums. That is how we found my Eberlestock backpack. It was in perfect condition and half the price. Mine has the built in rifle case. One of the things I am trying to do is find items that are not always black or coyote tan. As a woman I have more freedom to get creative with accessories or colors. So I am taking advantage of that! Why not? But until Eberlestock

Tactical Intervention Specialists Cuff Sling

Tactical Intervention Specialists Cuff Sling

makes a backpack in red with leopard trim I am stuck with the camo type colors in some pieces.

My new rifle was built by Ken Hagan of H&H Precision. The action is an H&H Precision action Ken designed based off of the 700. He used a Mcree Precision chassis, and Benchmark Barrel. I have the new Accu-Grip adjustable grip. I am using a Leupold Mk 6 3-18x scope with an H58 reticle. I am testing the Revolution Bi-pod and Brake from Elite Irons. Instead of writing on my hand like I did last year I can look like the other cool kids with my Tactical Wrist Coach from Sunrise Tactical Gear. I also have their rear bags. Alas both only in camo or tan colors. I did however find the ammo pouches in an “other” color from Sage Flats Shooter LLC Love it in the red. They have many options which is a first I have seen. Their pouches also fit up to 30 rounds. No more bulky plastic ammo box. Of course I mentioned the Kestrel 4500

NV with Applied Ballistics I was given to review. That thing is priceless let me tell

Sunrise Tactical Arm Pouch. Arm candy!

Sunrise Tactical Arm Pouch. Arm candy!

you. Well, once you figure it out. I am reviewing it a little at a time as I get to know it better. At Shot Show last month I picked up an awesome sling at the US Tactical Supply booth. The sling is made by Tactical Intervention Specialists. Talk about easy! The arm band is a separate piece that can stay on the arm if you wish and the sling portion can be attached quickly with a Kwik release clip. I set the sling length to fit perfectly for a kneeling and prone position. We did have a couple of stages like that last year. I also just bought a TAB Gear shooting mat which rolls up very small and a little Velcro Barricade Bag from Wiebad. Several months ago Charles and I were at Cabella’s and he found a pair of Leica Geobid HB-B Range Finding Binoculars in the bargain bin. Score! There was nothing wrong with them. These also give you basic ballistics and environmental readings as well as range finding. And last but not least, at least until I go shopping again, I have my new warm gear from Triple Aught Design. I have a Merino wool zip hoodie (Artemis) and their new Valkyrie Fleece hoodie. Seeing that the forecast says it will be in the 20’s for this next match I am so glad to have this. I have my crazy, fuzzy snowman hat too. I may look like a big poof ball out there but I will be warm!


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    • 30calgal

      Well, Ken and Leupold are sponsoring me. So nothing except my time to promote the heck out of them. They are on an indefinite loan you could say. But that rifle set up without scope runs around 3000-3500.


        Who’s your favorite bolt action, semi-auto, and pistol manufacturers? I like Savage, Double Star, and Ruger.

        • 30calgal

          Savage is great. The problem is there are now so many manufacturers. And most are really doing a nice job. My AR’s i love are my JP, Devil Dog Arms, and San Tan Tactical. Pistols I am a 1911 fan. I like metal guns not the “plastic” ones these days.

          • Mark

            I just bought a Ruger SR 1911 Commader. It came with a 3 lbs trigger. Great gun.


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