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30calgal 2015 postcardHard to believe we are at Shot Show time again. I think I only just got over the Shot Flu from last year. I have my anti-shotshowbug kit ready for this year. I will not get sick, I will not get sick. In a way, Shot is the New Year Resolution. It is the time to set the year’s goals and commitments. I have quite a bit going on this year from Media Day through Friday. I gave up a big commitment I had the last two years to clear more space for me. I was writing blogs for other online gun sites as well as my own and it I almost killed me last year especially. And I felt that writing articles at 2am left too much room for sloppy work. So this year it is all me time. I also have quite the awesome list of sponsors that I have great relationships with and I will be spending time in their booths. Between booth appearances and writing for 30CalGal I will have a full plate. As much as Shot is crazy I do actually like it.

Everyone in the industry is there and it is a reunion and a chance to see friends, fellow competitors and industry relations in person and to meet new contacts for the first time. It is the week of little sleep and miles of walking and hours of standing. Here is hoping that my sponsors have padded carpets in their booths. Last year was the year of the Woman, AR’s and Tactical Beards. I know this year all three of those will be popular again but the women of the industry theme will bigger yet. Plan on seeing female faces up high in full color images around the halls. My schedule for the week will be as follows and I am hoping that any of you reading this will come by one of the booths and say hello. If you see walking around please stop me also. If I look right past you as I am racing around I ask for your forgiveness now. It is not you! I may be on auto-pilot. And it is stimulus overload there. I will be posting as I can articles here and posting to Instagram – @30calgal, Twitter – @30calgal and of course Facebook – Anette Wachter – 30calgal.com. I will have color postcards/photos with me to hand out and sign at the booths and as I am walking.

Media Day – Monday January 19th

I will be hanging out a bit with the gang from Devil Dog Arms and walking around checking out cool stuff. Rifles especially.


11-12ish – Devil Dog Arms booth #8108

2-3pm – ESS EyePro booth #20543


10-11am – Froglube #7002

1-2pm – Devil Dog Arms #8108

3-4pm – Lantac USA #7107

7pm will be the 3rd annual Women’s Outdoor and Shooting Industry Dinner. Sorry guys, invite only and female only.


11-12 – ESS Eyepro #20543

1-2 – Flashbang Holsters #3663

Evenings will be filled with great industry dinners

I hope to see you there!


4 Responses to “Pre-Shot Show 2015 – A Busy Show Schedule”

  1. Lara S.

    It was great to meet you at the ESS booth at SHOT. Sorry my husband had no idea who you were but he figured it out quickly. I will keep reading the blog and enjoying your writing. We also spent some time at Devil Dog Arms – love their products too! Will be getting one of their ARs this year. Now I’m going to enjoy a day recovering from all that walking and talking!

    • 30calgal

      Lara thanks for saying hello! Glad you love the devil dog rifles. I was so happy for Joe. They cleaned up. Here is to a fun 2015!

  2. Jim Dauven

    Though I am now over 70 and don’t shoot as much as I have in the past, I am glad to see that many of the younger folks are picking up the sport of competition shooting. I have always loved big bore. Ever since I was a kid in Idaho, when all my friends were shooting .22 Rim fire, I was shooting a .22-250. I then migrated to a custom built Springfield 03. But what really go me hooked, was when I bought a .375 H&H Mag. I took a 1100 lb Bull Elk at 740 yards with one shot of that thing. Talk about long range accuracy the .375 H&H rules the roost in my opinion. I know a lot of people like the .338 Winchester Mag. or the .338 Lapua Mag. But I will bet my .375 will out shoot them.
    Because the .375 is soooo heavy to haul around I got me a .350 Remington Mag in a Model 600 for my walking tips. The only problem with it is you only want to shoot it once so one shot kills are mandatory. That thing will leave your teeth floating in the air a foot away from your face when it goes off.
    My latest project is a AR Platform in 6.8 SPC. That should make a great Antelope and Deer rifle. I will be shooting that out a a AR performance CRV 20 inch barrel, so it should hold a nice tight group.

    Just wanted to say high.


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