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votenoi594Whew! Finally.The ball is rolling to challenge the I-594 bill that passed in Wa State last November. The strictest gun control law out there. Why? Because it is like the Health Care Law. Too many pages of undefined crap that they said they would figure out after it goes in to law. Our local Second Amendment Foundation with Alan Gottlieb has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court in Tacoma, WA. The language in the new law is unclear to even law enforcement and DOL. Have you gone to DOL’s website about this recently? They have no advice and push you to your local law enforcement or the ATF. The ATF is a federal organization and is unclear as well. The local law enforcement do not want to enforce and do not know how anyway. The law will not be overturned so don’t get your hopes up. But they have to define it. It is so confusing. We need to get the ridiculous parts about transfers undone. So many people and agencies are affected by this unclear language.

I just had dinner last night with Brian Judy of the NRA and Adina Hicks of the Protect Our Gun Rights Washington. We were discussing getting involved in bugging local legislators about taking care of defining this law when they are back in session next month. There will be an ORGANIZED rally in Olympia on January 15th starting at 9am. On a weekday when the Legislature is actually in session. Visits to Legislators start at 11:00. I will be there and I will go to the office of my district’s Rep. We need your support and if you are in Washington you will join us out there. Please call your legislator ahead of time and make an appointment to see them after the rally that day. The Washington Firearms Leadership and Activism Group (WAFLAG), Protect Our Gun Rights Washington and the Gun Rights Coalition will host and both the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and the Second Amendment Foundation are sponsoring the event.

Please read more details and the entire article by Dave Workman of TheGunMag.com HERE

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  1. Brent

    How did the author of this posting come to the conclusion that “The law will not be overturned so don’t get your hopes up.”? If that’s the case, why did she even post this article? And then there is this: “But they have to define it. It is so confusing.”

    I don’t find the law confusing at all — it makes EVERYTHING involving gun ownership illegal.

    Check in a gun with the TSA at the airport — illegal.
    Pick up your gun at the end of an airline flight — illegal.
    Check in your gun at a courthouse — illegal.
    Pick up your gun on your way out of the court house — illegal.
    Husband cleans his wife’s gun — illegal.
    FedEx driver transports a gun — illegal.

    This law wasn’t written by incompetent nincompoops. It was written by competent liars who intentionally set out to ban the common person (including their own bodyguards) from having legal access to firearms.

    • 30calgal

      You are correct that everything involving gun ownership is illegal as it is now. These very points you made are in the lawsuit. SAF hopes this forces the writers of the law to clarify that these will not be considered illegal. Perhaps it is so unclear that the Courts might overturn it. I can’t imagine though. Your guess is as good as mine. I was simply forwarding the current information from the SAF press release. Hopefully you read that too. Cheers, Anette

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