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Monday 7/27 I am leaving Seattle for 4 day road trip to 2015 World Championships!I can’t believe it. It is here! The 2015 World Long Range Championships are finally here! It seems like I have been planning this for over a year. Oh yes, I guess I have been. This is the Olympics of long range shooting gang!!! So exciting!!! The US Palma Team and Palma Teams from around the world are descending upon Camp Perry in Ohio. We will be taking over the Vialle Range as the US Long Range Nationals ends. The first week of August will be World Full-Bore and the second week will be World long range. Both weeks have individual and team events. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see many of my foreign shooting friends again and to meet new ones. I especially get to spend the longest amount of time with my own team mates. I will be gone for 5 weeks. Yes that is a long time. But I am driving from Seattle to Ohio in my Challenger SRT8. Hee hee.

The US Team arrives on the 31st of July and will check in to our team hotel. I get to room in a 2 bedroom suite with team mates Amanda from the AMU and Trudie. Look out, that is trouble right there. Some of the team members will shoot the Long Range Nationals last two days of the Palma individual and then Palma team matches. A good practice for what is to come. Then it is two weeks straight of shooting. Although for Worlds we get target pullers and we break for lunch. So civilized non? It does not necessarily make the days shorter but it is a treat to not have to schlep back and forth to the pits. When we arrive we receive our fancy US Team jerseys and jackets and swag. Thank you to the NRA, Lapua and Sierra for these items. I also have a cool jersey I had made (photo) to wear on my individual shooting days with the sponsors that are helping me make this trip. Thank you to Lawson & Palmer, Devil Dog Arms, Accu-Grip, Eagle Eye Ammunition and ESS Eyepro for your continued support.

There are some big changes in my life now and this road trip is much needed to get out to some Wide Open Spaces. I have not been as active on my blogging and media for some time. I have had some big changes in my life recently and the past several months have been a bit rough. But my chin is up and I have so many great things in my life to cherish and look forward to. 5 weeks away will be lovely. I will be sharing the road with RIFLGAL my lovely muscle car and take my time driving out to Ohio. I have many audio books and podcasts downloaded and of course The Highway station on Sirius. This way I can bring anything I want with me as comforts of home. Except Kozmo. I wish I could bring him but he will be in good hands while I am away. Hopefully he will remember me after 5 weeks! I will stretch the drive out to about four and a half days. Maybe less but I don’t like pushing 10 hour driving shifts. I am hoping to see friends along the way even if only enough time for lunch or coffee. On my way back to Seattle at the end I will drive straight to Lake Chelan, WA for my annual family vacation. That will be a nice way to unwind and regroup for when I get back to Seattle and hit the ground running again. I have many great things to look forward to the rest of this year and next especially. I will be in better spirits soon and I thank many of you for the support I have been given. Now it is time for me to focus on X’s and US Team spirit.

I will be updating you here and all of my social media outlets as usual for the next few weeks. Follow me on Instagram for most of the photo posts if you don’t already. I will try to post where I am during the road trip and shout out to me if I am in your area. 2015 World Championship 30CalGal Road Trip here I come!


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