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US Rifle Team raffle tickets for 2014

US Rifle Team raffle tickets for 2014

Every year the US National Rifle Team has to raise funds to assist the members in getting to some of the big matches of the year. The money is divided amongst the Team, Under 25’s and Veterans. Because we have lost funding from the NRA we are only able to have match fees and some team jerseys paid for. We used to have travel expenses and trading novelties paid as well. Especially for our juniors this can get difficult to get to matches across the country. Our main goal for 2014 is to get members to US and Canadian Nationals this fall. In 2015 it is to get funds for the selected Palma Team members to The World Championships in 2015. Our juniors have done really well in the past with bake sales and with the help of donations from Berger Bullets to sell. So as a member of the Team myself I am asking for your help in our fund raising. The Worlds will be held in the US at Camp Perry which makes travel a little easier for some but lodging, etc is still expensive. There will be countries from all over the world participating. A tradition is to trade jerseys, pins, patches, hats you name it. We have not had the money to have those items recently. Not to mention even lodging for team members. For me personally I would love to see that we can contribute to this tradition with bells on. We are the host country for 2015 so I want to shine!!

This year our raffle consists of cash prizes! 1st place winner will receive $1000, 2nd prize 2 winners for $500 each, 3rd place 3 winners for $250 each, 4th place 4 winners for $150 each and 5th place 5 winners for $100 each. We will be accepting donations and raffle money through the end of August this year and the drawing will be held in Sept. You will be contacted via email or phone if you are chosen.

There are two ways you can submit your money. One is to send check written out to The US Rifle Teams to me – Anette Wachter – PO Box 61386, Seattle, WA 98141. Or contact me for other payment options.  Please make sure to include your address, hone number and email if possible so we know where to send them to as well of course contact you if you are a winner! We are an official 501C(3) (Non-profit).



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