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2019 Palma Gold Medal Burden Memorial – Team Wrangler Blue. Todd Branin, Anette Wachter, Wayne Budbill, Jim Obermeyer

Memorial Weekend 2019 – Douglas Ridge Rifle Range

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Do not let the light flags fool you. Flags going in opposite directions of each other and opposite of the mirage. The steep hill side behind the targets seems to cause a strange swirl of elevation issues. Then once you figure out the patterns you realize no, you never figured it out. Douglas Ridge hosts the annual Burden Memorial Championship of Palma and Long Range and is a NRA classified match.

Team Wrangler Blue at 2019 Burden Memorial. Match winners

The long range rifle match is held at Douglas Ridge in Eagle Creek, OR near Sandy. A beautiful area of tree farms and wineries not too far from there. The climate is usually cooler and wetter than other areas and thankfully this year we only had a half day of rain on us. The Burden consists of two days of Palma matches and two strings of long range at 1000 yards. There is a medal for each match and then a Palma Aggregate, Regional Agg and Grand Agg. The 3rd day is a Palma team match. I have only shot 2 other matches this year so I am happy to report that I performed well this weekend. As mentioned above, the conditions were very calm and there was light wind throughout the match. But the subtle conditions of the flags and mirage were confusing and it was difficult to figure out what the wind or mirage was doing. Mirage coming from the right usually tells me to adjust my wind sight to the right. But not here! I had to move them left. There is a drift you can’t see. This is one range I actually do something you are not supposed to do and that is chase the spotter sometimes. I also would wait and watch how my neighbor’s targets came up and where they were pushed to. Hey but it works for me at this range. It was a full match and great competition.

Match Director Carl was able to assemble enough target pullers so we did not have to have pit changes. Which if you shoot high power you know how much longer your day is having to do that. Thank you Carl and target pullers that worked hard all weekend. There was a good showing of Washington shooters as well as from Oregon. We had enough from WA to get to two teams together for the Monday team match. There were 6 teams total between F-Class and Sling shooters. My team mates were Todd Branin, Wayne Budbill, Jim Obermeyer and myself. We had to have two shooters coach as well since we were short one person. We won the match! This is the 3rd year in a row I have my name on the trophy kept at the range.

Overall for the match I was 2nd in the 1000 Yard Agg over the two days and 5th overall for the Grand Agg. My Team – Wranglers Blue won the Gold for the James F Rice Memorial Trophy. Proudly I was the only 450 clean of the match overall. Thanks also to my coach Wayne. I give credit to my loaded rounds from Berger Bullets of the 155.5 Match 308. And I love my rifle build from John Whidden of Whidden Gun Works using and Anschutz stock and Barnard action.

2019 Burden Memorial winning scores – Team Wrangler Blue

Robert Pitcairn won the Regional Agg and High Senior. He is 81 and still crushing it. Great shooting Bob.

Robert Pitcairn posing with Anette Wachter at the 2019 Burden Memorial

Eric Sundholm from Oregon won the Palma Agg.

Match winner was Kerry Spurgin. An amazing shooter that came from small bore to full bore and has been kicking butt.

Thanks! Anette – Life is Short. So Shoot.

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