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Owner Sandi Dee from Offhand Gear has a record of great design and products. You may know Offhand Gear from the gorgeous AR hand guards and range bags they create. If you attended SHOT Show last year you may have seen posts all over social media of “Frosty” sightings all over Vegas. This was Sandi’s fun marketing idea to take one of her Fleur De Lis handguards with a custom Frosty paintjob and photograph it all over town. You know, kind of like the gnome…. Well this year Sandi has designed a great shooting mat. She has called it NORM (No Ordinary Shooting Mat)

20161104_154558I have different uses for shooting mats. I use one for my Palma matches and one for my Precision Rifle (PR) matches. For PR matches I choose to use a very thin mat that can roll up small and attach to my backpack. For Palma I use a fairly thick mat since many ranges are on rough gravel or concrete surfaces. I had a chance to check out Offhand Gear’s new mat and I love it. Now it is not one I would use for a PR match only because it is too bulky to carry. Most matches are spent hiking around and I have to fit everything for the day in a backpack. But for Palma or practice or any prone matches I will use it. It is light weight and folds up very flat for easy travel and packing. Offhand Gear products mostly caters toward women but the black Kryptek pattern of this mat make it a product for both men and women. It has quite a few practical features.

20161104_15463020161104_154640Of course the fabric is a durable and water resistant Kryptek Fabric in Typhon. Not girly which is nice. The entire mat is padded and enough so that laying on top of gravel is comfortable. The handle loop at the top works well as a bi-pod stop. I do like to have the entire edge of a mat with a ledge for a stop so I am not dependent on placing my rifle in that one spot. But this is a good option to have. The size of the mat is huge and works for those tall ones like me. It is 75″ long! The width is 32″ and the side wings add about 12″. If you get the complete kit you get a rear sand bag and a small mesh pouch to hold spent brass. Or you can throw your cell, wallet etc. in there. Again, I love the fact it is so light, has a shoulder strap to carry and folds really flat. You are able to buy each piece separately or you can get the entire kit which includes mat, rear bag and ammo pouch. Me being friends with Sandi is a benefit to anyone of you that wants to order one. If you put in the discount code 30CalGal  you will receive 15% off the NORM Kit. Well there you have it. I have just solved your Christmas gift idea dilemma for that special someone or for yourself. The offer is good through December 31. So if you get in trouble for not getting the right gift or you did not get what you wanted then you can still make the deal after Christmas.

And the best part? These are made in the great US of A. Look for this mat and more fun products in my 2016 Christmas Gift List coming around Thanksgiving.




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