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RudyBlu Jewelry by designer Anette Wachter 30calgal

I am sure it has been quite obvious I have not posted articles for quite some time. And I shut down my 30calgal FB and IG profiles. Not to worry! All is good. The last couple of years have been quite busy. One of the reasons I faded from the shooting and social media world was to take care of my mom. She passed away peacefully around the family earlier this year. I miss her so much. Now I am embarking on new journeys and having the time of my life.

I am still in the shooting world but have scaled back considerably. I am competing in local matches and still have my favorite big national events I shoot in. We moved out of the messy busy city of Seattle about an hour outside on the beach. LOVE! Small town Merica is awesome. And my new focus these days is my company RudyBlu Jewelry a fine fashion jewelry line that takes up much of my time. I cherish every minute creating the variety of jewelry collections and marketing them. I work with lots of gems, pearls and custom handmade components.

We have a signature stainless steel bead that we make that is turned on a lathe. These are really awesome beads since we left the tooling marks on them giving them a cool texture. One of a kind! All of the sterling silver and vermeil clasps, pendants and beads are my designs as well. Combined with semi and precious gemstones and pearls the collection is colorful, bold and modern jewelry. And coming soon is my line of luxury fine jewelry based off of vintage jewelry I inherited from my mom and grandmother. So excited about this. My goal for RudyBlu is big. I am “shooting” to be a national brand. My main reason for this is that there are two charity organizations I hope to contribute butt loads of money to over the years.

Both charities support issues that hit close to home. The first is The NW Parkinson’s Foundation. My dad passed away from this horrible disease and I have another young friend who has suffering from it. The Foundation offers wonderful support to this community. #fuckparkinsons The second is SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warriors). This group uses 97% of their donations toward the guys. Too many of these guys come home and need mental and physical support the VA system just let’s fall through the cracks. SOWW provides hunting camps and service dogs as well as much more support. So all I can say is that the more people buy from RB the more we can contribute to these causes!

You can follow my RudyBlu adventures at (I write a blog there now) and on IG @rudyblujewelry.

Be Beautiful. Be awesome. Life is Short. Crush it.

Anette Wachter

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