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Segauche, CO


“Come as our guest. Leave as our family!” That is the motto of Mill Creek Resort owner J. In the middle of beautiful South Central CO. is the Mill Creek Shooting Resort. What is a 350 plus acre ranch, Mill Creek Resort offers not only a great shooting facility but comforting lodging, home cooked meals, amazing staff and other activities such as horse-back riding and more. A 2 hour drive from Colorado Springs or 3 hours from Denver it is an easy destination to get to and worth the trip. Rob and I and our dog Blue had the pleasure of being private guests for a weekend to film for the TV show Modern Shooter. More on that story later. At Mill Creek, shooting clinics in several disciplines from world class instructors and competitors can be customized for any group whether for friends or for corporate retreats. If you are an instructor or retreat organizer and looking for a venue to bring your own groups to then this is your place. When you drive through the front gate toward the buildings you come to realize they are built as a western town. Then when you look closely you notice the detailed craftsmanship in each building. Stand on the porch of the town saloon and look out over the ranch and gasp at the beautiful view. It is high desert but mountainous and with trees. The ranch was originally built by an eccentric billionaire.

The original creator of this ranch spared no expense on the details of each building on the property. You really notice in the church and the saloon. The craftsmanship on the woodwork, the imported ceiling tiles and all of the little decorative details make this place. There is a huge log home that has been converted to a lodge with many rooms. The “hotel” across the street has a dozen rooms. The new owners are converting another building that houses the former owners carriage collection in to luxury suites.

One building houses the beautiful classroom. Which has a bar in the back. My kind of classroom. Another is the gunsmith and another is going to be a gift shop/supplies. Down at the bottom of the town are the stable with the family horses to ride. There is a mini putt putt golf area next to the picnic table and outdoor stage. And then of course there are the shooting ranges.

Mill Creek owns several hundred acres. You feel as though you are in your valley. They use almost every square inch of the property to shoot on or across. Back toward the entrance has two shooting spots. One side is for sighting in at 100 yards and the other side you can see steel targets out several hundred yards. If you drive down the way a bit they have the One Mile Marker line. You can hike or drive up the hillside above the town and from there shoot down or across the valley.

The weekend I was there Carl Taylor of In Motion Targets set up their now permanent mover target. From the top of the hill we shot at the mover about 500 yards down. Just across from the mover is another covered range with benches and is used again for rifle or pistol classes. Mill Creek ranch has so many uses.

Mill Creek Resort itself offers classes and retreats of all kinds. They can customize anything you want from Ladies only events, corporate events to secret military or LE training. Imagine your bachelor or bachelorette parties here. Shooting mile shots or full auto for a long weekend. The resort will provide rifles and ammo as well.With a saloon all to yourself. Yes Ladies, they even have access to a spa and shopping a quick shuttle away. If you are an instructor or group events organizer you can use the resort for your business. They will help you every step of the way make it an incredible experience for your group. I am working on an all women’s 3-4 day event next year that is part long range rifle classes and part ranch retreat. Mill Creek and Developmental Weapon Systems (company I am part owner of) will be putting on a full-auto retreat in March or April next year. Details coming soon. The resort also is used for Precision Rifle matches a few times a year. You have the range and room and board all in one place. And they have several RV hook ups as well! I would say my only complaint, which is not really a complaint, about Mill Creek is that is at almost 9000 feet above sea level. Just walking up stairs gets you winded. But it is  worth every deep breath in the crisp air of this place.

For more information check out their website or give them a call. Mill Creek Shooting Resort


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      Unfortunately the range has been cancelled since I wrote this due to local politics not wanting the shooters. Crazy story. It is too bad.

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