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My new favorite conceal carry holster. The Femme Fatale lace thigh holster

My new favorite conceal carry holster. The Femme Fatale lace thigh holster

I only started handling handguns about 3 years ago. I was in the same boat most women are. Where do I begin? I was fortunate however to have started a part-time job at a gun range near Seattle called West Coast Armory. The range had an extensive collection of rental handguns and revolvers. Once I got felt comfortable with firearm safety and handling my next project was figuring out how to carry concealed. With that question comes the question of which gun is best for that as well. But that is an entirely different blog. My choice of gun may not be yours. For now I wanted to share with you my trial and errors of many many forms of carrying a gun concealed. Let’s face it. Women have different requirements than men when it comes to concealing. All of the women I know in this industry and those that I have met coming through the range still want to be feminine when dressing to conceal. Is this possible? Why yes it is.

Let me start by stating that over time I have narrowed down my carry pistols of choice to the SigP238 and 938. They are small but I can actually fire them without my hand getting snapped off. Again this is not the time I am discussing “stopping power” with my choice of pistol caliber. Having a smaller framed gun allows for more ways to anettethighholster

conceal and allows me to wear fitted clothing. Sorry but you won’t catch me dead in that horrible “conceal carry vest” that screams “I am carrying”. Or worse yet, a fanny pack! I never wear blazers or baggy clothes. Women wear dresses and skirts as well. Most women think it is not possible to carry concealed when dressed up. How times have changed! The following holsters I am going to mention are ones I have bought myself and have worn many times. I have not been given any of these. I really like these products. In fact I have fun planning outfits since I am not concerned how I will carry for the day.

The newest item I have purchased is something I have wanted to develop for a long time. Obviously not getting around to it I was super happy to see this company make the first thigh holster I have been able to use! Femme Fatale came out a few months ago with this fabulous lace thigh holster. It is elastic with an extremely sticky inside that grabs on to your thighs like a suction cup. You can wear it so that the holster is on the outside of your thigh or the inside. The outside seems silly to me since that would put a big bulge on your thigh and would be very noticeable. The holster fits on my upper left thigh with the gun pocket on the inside. (My right hand can reach down to that spot) *Photo shown is not my thigh but taken off Femme’s Web site. The photo of me in the skirt, I am wearing the thigh holster. Invisible!! Not to mention that my husband thinks it is pretty darn sexy. And yours will too! That is if you are a woman reading this. If this is a man reading this than you know now what to get your wife or girlfriend for Christmas. I have worn the holster with a gun at least a dozen times now and was wondering if the sticky stuff would lose its stick. Nope. Still sticky.  This is my go-to holster when wearing any skirt or dress. The one caveat to this holster is that it does take getting used to. At first I thought it would chafe the heck out of my right leg. It did not. But you do need to fuss with perfect placement of the holster with the gun in the pocket. If you are not careful and put the holster up to high on your thigh you will have a pistol grip poking you in your privates. This is another reason to use a small framed gun. A gun the size of a Glock would make you walk funny and I don’t want to think about what it feels like way up in the crotch! Or maybe one might like that. To each her own! The thigh holster can be found at for $70. Yes, pricey but worth it. Femme Fatale also makes an ankle and a corset holster. I have not tried these yet but they look pretty awesome.  Another skirt option holster which also works with pants and when I go on my hikes is the Undertech Undercover Concealment Shorts.

No this photo is not me. But from Undertech's site. Compression shorts by Undertech Undercover

No this photo is not me. But from Undertech’s site. Compression shorts by Undertech Undercover

I have seen ads for these forever. I finally bought a pair and then bought a second pair. They are awesome. They are like wearing a compression bike short. The gun pockets are placed for right or left hands at the back of the shorts. I especially wear these every morning when I walk my dog. I can even go running and the gun never seems to slip from the pockets. Make sure you have your gun coated in FrogLube. When I get home after a run/walk my pistol has condensation all over it. Froglube will keep it from rusting. I do wear these shorts with a skirt sometimes as long as my top is not tucked in. The shorts are compressed so it’s like wearing a girdle. No bulges! I forget I am wearing a gun. Great for any size gun these are really awesome.  Found at for $49.99. Colors available are white, nude and black.

One of the most talked about holsters I have is from Lisa Looper of Looper Law Enforcement. The Flash

Flash Bang Bra Holster by Looper Law Enforcement.

Flash Bang Bra Holster by Looper Law Enforcement.

Bang Holster. The Flash Bang is yes, a bra holster. Again, this is for the little gun. It is meant for small framed guns and revolvers. As you can see in the photo (Again, not me!) the gun rests right between the breasts. Only to be used if you are wearing a shirt that is not tucked in. I only say that because if you have a tucked shirt there is an extra obstacle of accessing the gun if needed quickly. So this is the only way I would wear it. It is easy and fast to reach under the shirt and grab the gun and bring out to a ready position. Because it is called the flash bang does not mean you have to flash the world. You can if you want but really it is not necessary. I have worn this with even snug fitting tees and tanks and you can’t tell there is a gun there. This holster also takes getting used to. It is not terribly comfortable. You know it is there. But I do love wearing it and having this option to carry. The Flash Bang can be found at for $49.99. My other favorite holster is also from Looper.

The Ava holster is an inside the waistband holster made of beautiful leather and lined with colorful, soft suede. The clips are so strong that I do not have to wear a belt in order to hold the holster on. I don’t always wear belts so I love this one. The shape of the holster is such that I can

The Ava Holster also by Looper Law Enforcement.

The Ava Holster also by Looper Law Enforcement.

avawear it at the front as an appendix carry. Most holsters for that are made for men and don’t fit comfortable on a woman’s body shape. This holster is truly comfortable. If you are wearing a tight fitting shirt there is going to be a print. Try to have a top with a pattern on it if tight fitting. It really makes it less noticeable. Otherwise any shirt will conceal it well. The Ava is can be found at Retail price is $49.

As I have done I highly suggest you try out various holsters for yourself. Everyone has a unique way of dressing daily so some of what I like may not be perfect for you. I also suggest training with your new holster. With an unloaded firearm, practice in front of the mirror at home over and over again drawing from your holster. You want a muscle memory of all of your holster choices. Christmas is around the corner. These fit in the Christmas stocking perfectly.


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  1. David

    I was looking for a thigh holster to wear with my kilt. What I ended up with is the Remora 3-in-1 holster. This can be worn as a thigh, ankle, pocket, IWB holster. With a .38 special, it is a little heavy and slips a touch under only the holster part but overall it is a great holster. I find that I have to wear it on the outside so I don’t walk funny. With the extra bulk of the cargo pockets it conceals nicely. It conceals just as nicely as a pocket holster.I wanted to try the Femme Fatale but I am not a huge fan of wearing lace. It would be nice if they offered one that was a little plainer.

  2. Eric

    Nice article, sometimes a man needs to lighten his load too. I also have a p938 and love the little 1911 like gun. If I need to go really light weight I carry a Ruger LCP .380. I feel perfectly safe carrying a 9mm or a .380 but I do use FMJs in the 380 in the winter for better penetration of heavy winter clothes. I find that many of those that preach the only a .45 will do sermon don’t carry them half the time. I have .45s and high capacity 9mms but a 15oz. gun that you will carry is worth a hundred 35 oz. guns at home.

  3. Robert

    Will see about putting a link on the WCAN Facebook page tomorrow. We get ladies coming in quite often asking about different ways to carry concealed. Great article!

  4. Kathy

    Thank you for this article. Another great site that is all about women and carrying, including showing how to use the holsters, is

  5. mitch

    I would like to email this article to the ladies I have taught in CCW class, but I find no button that will allow it. Is that possible? How can I more easily – without making them dig to find this – share these type of stories? I understand how important it is these days to be able to protect ourselves and our families and these types of articles are key to that capability. Thanks for a great outlook on the problem!

      • ladykroft

        Highlight and copy the article. Go to your hotmail and click ‘new’. Paste it on new and send it to yourself. Retrieve it in your hotmal and forward it to all your friends.

  6. ladykroft

    She missed one nice holster you can buy on Ebay or go to their site at I bought one and found it to be the most comfortable and practical. You wear it on the inside of your bra and it anchors with two hook and loop fasteners. They custom make these holsters to fit your gun…so it’s not a universal one size fits all thing. You forget you’re wearing it after a few minutes.

  7. David L. Freeman

    Hi Anette, you know there are two kinds of Women, there are Men’s Women and there are Women’s Women. You are are a great Man’s Woman, you remind me of my late Wife of 60 years, she could hunt or fish all day and then look like a dream in an Evening Gown at a party that night, she was also a great shot with a rifle. Keep up the good work promoting concealed carry for Women, it is needed more than ever these Days, what has our great country coming to? I am 82 years old and i have great memories from the past. Thank again, Dave.

  8. Watchdogman

    I still think the belly band is the best. Can even wear it under a tee-shirt. Loosen it a little so that you can wear it over your chest, for men obviously so that the gun sits under your arm just below your arm pit…Maybe it can be adapted for women?

  9. Larry Hamilton

    I enjoyed a shopping trip to Nordstrom’s a few years back. I was shopping for a new purse for my wife and a very friendly female associate approached and asked if she could help. When asking what size of bag I was looking for, I responded, “Well, she carries a pistol, so it needs to be big enough to accommodate her sidearm”.. Without missing a beat, she said ” I don’t have a lot of knowledge about that, but let’s see what we can find.” She spent a lot of time asking about concealed carry for women and learning to use a firearm and I came away with a great gift. Talk about exceptional customer service!

  10. HappyClinger

    I have the FlashBang holster, and must say that if you find it uncomfortable then you don’t have it adjusted properly. It does take a while to get it fitted to your bra(s) and positioned for your particular body, but once you have that done it’s virtually unnoticeable. You must wear a bra with underwires, and I have found that the bottom of the center band between the cups needs to be higher than the cups – in other words, the cups should arc below the center band; the holster rides better that way and is more secure. Also, there is a latex rug backing product at craft stores like Michael’s that you can paint onto the band of your bra to help it not ride up as easily. The holster is sort of slick, being hard plastic. But you’ll figure it out! It’s a great option for women!

  11. Paulette

    Have you ever tried the thigh holster over hose or tights? I worry that the silicone would grip great to the material, but then pull it down. Unless it was quite tight on the leg, maybe? Thoughts???
    I just purchased the shorts and a corset holster as the holidays taught me that my normal Thunderwear holster was not ideal for under a dress.

    • 30calgal

      Hi Paulette,
      I have not yet tried it on top of tights. I was wondering that myself now that winter is upon us and I am wearing those as well. I will try it out though.

  12. Delores Lewis

    These are very stylish ways to conceal our guns! It proves that you don’t have to compromise style as well as your femininity when handling guns. I can add these to the collection with my gun safes that I recently purchased as well. I found some lovely accessories from here:

  13. Annette

    So glad you posted this. I am really small and like fitted clothes and haven’t been able to find the right fit for me to conceal carry my sig besides the flash bang. As a runner, I like the shorts option but I love the thigh holster for skirts. Thanks for the information. Great to have so many options

  14. Tracy

    I have all but the Undertech shorts – instead I use the Can Can Concealment Hip Hugger. It’s fantastic (available from Skinny jeans are back among my wardrobe choices because the waistband doesn’t pull my holster down! I’m 5’1, 110# and I can hide my Ruger LCP without issue (while toting around 2 kids, btw).

    Have you ever worn the Femme Fatale thigh holster with tights/leggins under? We live in a cold climate and I haven’t gotten brave enough to try for myself.

  15. Alexandra

    Thank you for your information, this exactly what I am looking for while wearing a summer dress this season. the compression shorts are another option.

  16. Julie Godfrey

    I’m new to the concealed carry mindset and love this thigh holster. Curious though, do you carry with a round in the chamber or not?

  17. Kimberly

    I carry a sig938 and have yet to find a holster I can use. I’m most comfortable appendix carrying but cannot dress as I normally would because it leaves a print (and usually pulls my pants down which requires a belt which then tightens the gun and makes it difficult to pull quickly and smoothly). I saw a corset holster where the gun tucked under your arm but the handle was facing at a weird angle with the barrel facing almost forward. :/ It looked difficult to pull. I just can’t seem to find anything that fits my style or carry preference. This article is 3 years old now (just found it on pintrest) so I’m curious if you’ve made any discoveries since or have any ideas on other holsters that might more closely fit my needs?

    • 30calgal

      Hi Kimberly,

      I have found nothing is perfect and have to work as best as I can with the different options. Most importantly practicing with each form of carry. I still prefer IWB also. And if so I do need to adjust the clothing a little. Have you tried the Ava from Flashbang?


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