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October 6, 2017 – Canyonville, OR

Last August at Triggrcon Rob and I met the owners of Taz Fabrication from Prospect, OR. Taz fabricates beautiful metal pieces and they now have a line of steel targets called Guardian Targets. The name Guardian was taken from the history of the “Guardians of the Western Gate”. In honor of the 1-186th Infantry Battalion. Taz supplied the range day of Triggrcon with their steel targets. They were positioned on very stable yet light four point legs. Circumstances on the range had the targets placed on a narrow berm. We were shooting our 510 and 50 Beck rifles at them all day long and never knocked them over. (The berm was not big enough to hold the stands firmly) The four pivot point leg system allowed the targets stability. The legs are designed to expand and contract and fold up for easy transport and storage. Then at the indoor Triggrcon trade show our booth was right next to theirs. One thing led to another and I am proud to add Taz to my list of wonderful sponsored products. The owner Kirk then invited us to come to a special range day at the Umpqua Rod and Gun Club in central Oregon.

Rob and I did not have enough time to drive down the day before so we left at 2am to drive 6 hours south. The club is located in a very pretty area in Canyonville, OR. Taz has supported the range by setting them up with new targets on all of their ranges. They set up a batch of steel from 200 – 450 yards up the hill. When Rob and I arrived we were greeted by Shelley the club Secretary and her husband Kelly and several others. I walked in to the clubhouse and saw my name up on the board. I did not realize this special range day event was for me 30calgal! How cool! Of course it was also for us to show off some of our rifles. I was able to meet many club members and put them behind one of my Rainier Arms’ 6.5 Creedmoor rifles I use for Precision Rifle competition. I was very happy to see a couple of young women there getting in to shooting. With a couple of words of instruction they both hit the 450 yard targets first rounds down. There is nothing greater than seeing huge smiles on new shooter’s faces. Especially young girls. I hope to have encouraged them to pursue shooting sports throughout their lives.

We were spoiled that weekend by the home cooked lunch served to us for lunch (by Kelly the range manager) at the range and the barbecue that evening at the home of one of the Taz owners, Tom and Shelley. I think the entire town of Prospect came for dinner. It was great. We were able to tour their workshop. Kirk and Beth invited us in to their home for the night and we awoke to a lovely farm. Our dog Blue and their pooch got along well and Blue did not blink at the chickens running around the farm. After a breakfast with fresh eggs they carried in we made our way back to Seattle. But first we drove through Crater Lake park since we were only a few miles away. What a gorgeous place. Being October very few people were there which made it accessible and enjoyable.

Thank you again Umpqua Rod and Gun Club, Taz Fabricators/Guardian Targets and all of the awesome people we met. New life long friends for sure!

I was gifted a Club hat that they embroidered “30CalGal” on to the back and a Lifetime membership to the Umpqua Club!! How cool is that?


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