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Charles and I in Zambia, April 2013.

Charles and I in Zambia, April 2013.

It is easy to forget or take for granted good things that happen in your life. But as I sat down and started my list of things that I was thankful for in 2013 the list grew rapidly. Although some personal trials got in the way I really did have a wonderful year. From family to vacations to competitions it was great.

*Mom finally came out of her post chemo depression and looks healthy again and is getting back out there. I hope with encouragement 2014 will be even better for her.

*I found out I will be an aunt. This to me is priceless. Charles and I did not want kids and my only sibling, my brother, married late.  But he married a young beauty. I thought we would not have any heirs after us but they announced recently the great news. Trust me, my mom is even happier. And Charles and I need someone to look in on us when we get too old also. 🙂

*Great news. We finally got the crazy and destructive tenant from hell out of our apartment rental bldg. Weird thing to be thankful for I know. But you have no idea!

*I was honored to be part of my buddy Shelley and Caleb’s surprise wedding. (Shelley Rae is editor of GunUp Magazine and Caleb Giddings is of and We are so happy for them and they have such a great career and life ahead of them.

*The most memorable event was our trip to Africa for a month in April. About 20 members of the US Rifle Team and their spouses went to shoot the S African Nationals. Every four years they invite other countries and this year the America’s Match was held there. This trophy travels every two years. The America’s Match team was 8 hand selected members. I was honored to be one of the chosen. My team took the Silver Medal and I was thrilled to learn I had tied for highest score on the team. Not bad for my first official International US team event. Then Charles and I traveled around S Africa and up to Zambia and Botswana. This was truly an unforgettable trip. Thank you Charles for making it so much fun.

*A huge thank you to all of the great companies that have helped me in my shooting career. Leupold, Nosler, West Coast Armory have been with me for a couple of years now. This year brought me some new and exciting products that I can’t wait to help promote more of. FrogLube started off the year. Accu-Grip,  which you must get, came next after they saw my Colt video review. I thank Andy Tran of for that work. Lantac USA sent me their fabulous Dragon to test and I just had to keep it. They have some exciting new stuff coming out this next year! My most recent sponsors are  H&H Precision, Mcree Precision and Tactical Ammunition. Ken Hagan of H&H designed his new action this year based off the 700. It has a fluted bolt and not to mention good looking. Ken also is the gunsmith that re-bedded my Palma rifle after Africa and it was brought back to life shooting like a laser. Mcree dressed up my rifle with their chassis in raw aluminum. I will have it clear coated because I love the look of the bright silver. The magazines even match! It is truly Battlestar Gallactica. Of course I mounted my  new Mark 6 from Leupold and excited to learn the Horus reticle. I do need to switch gears from MOA to Mils which should be interesting. Finally from St. Helens, OR is an ammunition company called Tactical Ammunition that  I met at a local gun show. They make re-manufactured ammo. And high quality. I was able to tour the factory and meet many of their “loading artists” as I call them. Along with Leupold, TA has a company with employees that seem to love working there. Even before I started talking to them one of the guys at the gun show said he loved working for TA and that they are well taken care of. And talk about customer service and custom orders. They will work with you and your custom load you may need. Living close enough to OR I drove down there and they measured the head space of my rifle and then loaded up several test batches and out to the range we went. The best load won and I am excited and confident to use this ammo for the tactical matches this next year. Also the 40 and hopefully 223 for my 3 Gun events. Actually since I am switching this year to Heavy Metal that will instead need to be 45 cal and more 308. Hee Hee, did I mention that to you Rob? (Owner of TA)

I apologize if I have left anything or anyone out. My hubby knows he is always a great one to have around. Now for 2014 I can only hope it is as least as good if not better. We start off with a bang of course with Shot Show. I already have several 3 gun and Precision Rifle matches signed up for. But of course my main focus is Palma and the US Team. I have several big matches starting in Feb through out the year that will lead again to Nationals at Camp Perry and then we go up to Canada for their Nationals and another attempt to win the Gold for the America’s Match. This will also be the tryouts for an official spot on the team for the World Championship in 2015. I have a weekly practice with my local gang of high power shooters at Cascade Rifle range. It is a fun day I look forward to each week. A sort of brain dump day. I usually am the only gal there but they are all so awesome to hang out with. I especially look forward to meeting many more people and companies and their products this year.

Only one challenge may lay ahead this year when Charles separates from the family business he has worked for for over 15 years. He has not decided what he wants to do when he grows up so it will be interesting to see what comes of the changes. Nor do I really know what I what want to do when I grow up! We are very happy for this change yet nervous. And we have been going back and forth on buying a home way out in the middle of nowhere. A huge transition from living in the city. Of course we would keep a small apartment or something in Seattle. I have to. I would go nuts I think without a city fix. So 2014 has many adventures still to happen!

God bless you all and may 2014 be the start of something wonderful. Again.




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  1. Les Tardiff

    Anette, what a wonderful post to start the new year! You have captured a lot of things! New changes for 2014 my wife wanted to build her own AR from the ground up. As for me it looks like I’m transitioning from 223 to 300BLK! Any notes or advise would be appreciated! Loads, bullets, etc.! Have a Happy New Year to you and Charles and go for that gold!

    • 30calgal

      Hi Les, I have to admit I am not familiar yet with 300BLK loads. But I have fired a friend’s with suppressor on it. So fun!

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