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Douglas Ridge Rifle Range – Eagle Creek, OR – Memorial Day Weekend

Just one weekend after the Wa State Palma Championship was the OR State Palma and Long Range Championship. A three day match over Memorial Day Weekend. This is known as the Burden Memorial match. Most of the same shooters entered that were at the Washington match last weekend. We even had a couple of shooters from California. The first two days are individual competitions of the Palma course of fire (800, 900 and 1000 yards) and long range at 1000 yards. The 3rd day is the team Palma match which yours truly and my Wrangler’s team mates won again. Thank you Whidden Gunworks for my awesome rifle and Berger Bullets for the components for great ammo! In the individual I came in 6th again for the 2nd weekend in a row. Frustrating. I shot well but I just got caught on the switchy wind conditions enough that it bumped me out of the top 5. Grrrr. Next time. Jim Obermeyer held on to win the Burden this year.

One of our Wa. State juniors, Luke Rettmer, shot really well and took 2nd overall. We had perfect weather this year. Bonus of no rain! Although the conditions can be tricky to shoot here it is a beautiful range with grass berms! Yes grass. I know that sounds odd but it really is nice to shoot prone on grass instead of gravel or cement. There was a good showing of F-class shooters here as well. I found out an interesting story about one of their shooters, Heather McGuire.

Heather is a great shooter and apparently has been competing with “starter gear and rifle” for sometime. As we all know, shooting sports can be very expensive. In F-Class especially you really need good equipment and optics. Last year some of her fellow competitors could not take it anymore that she had an inferior rifle set up. They chipped in and gave her a new rifle! This is what I love about our shooting community. Everyone is generous with time and gear. People want young and new shooters to get in to competition. Many people don’t know where to start or have the means. Clubs and individuals have donated so much to the sport. She now has a Borden action with a Cerus stock and can compete with the best of them. (see her photo below) She is a happy shooter! Yay for women competitors! We were the only women competing at this match. I take that back. Dusty Taylor an Under 25 form OR came in for the team day. It was great to see her at the range as well.

Thank you Carl for running a great match again. Hope to see the range again soon!


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  1. Heather McGuire

    The people in this sport are amazing! Great friends and competitors. A big thank you to Shawn Williams of Northridge Rifles for his great craftsmanship on building this rifle, to Will McCloskey of Cerus Rifleworks for the beautiful stock and to Jeff Reed who plotted and planned the whole thing!

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