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Hurray for us! The gun nuts of the USA! With a new Republican president and congress coming in next year we should have plenty to celebrate this Christmas. Whether or not you like the newly elected parties, our federal gun laws should remain in tact and even open up a bit. Can you say “suppressors”? At least we do not have panic buying right now of ARs, ammo and loading components. Whew! So relax this Christmas and purchase firearms and accessories without the frenzy. I have pulled a few items aside I think would make great gifts for shooters of any kind.

Offhand Gear NORM Shooting Mat

I recently tested this mat out and I love it. Yes most of Offhand Gear’s products are female oriented but these mats are not. In a dark Kryptek pattern and huge size this mat, NORM (No Ordinary Range Mat), is for any shooter. It is padded the entire way and folds up very flat for travel and storage. The kit comes with a pattern matched ammo pouch for fired brass and a rear sand bag. Kit package is 15% until December 31, 2016 if you use the code 30CalGal! Normally $255.95.

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Timney Two Stage Remington 700 Trigger

I got to hitch a ride in an official Timney pickup truck recently and noticed 3 pigs with wings ornaments on the dash. I asked about them and it was a statement the company said awhile ago about making two stage triggers some day. “When pigs fly” they said. Well, now they carry them. And they are great. I started using one in one of my 6.5 rifles and it is great. $195.95



Big Shot 43 Piece Cleaning Kit

Definitely a gifty thing but I really like this. Every size cleaning brush attachment you can think of in a clever display container. Fun! $48.28 on Amazon


Gorgeous 308 Triple Drop Necklace by 30CalGal

Of course I am not able to give a Christmas list without a mention of one of my pieces of jewelry. For the lady friend or best friend you can give some bullet bling, bling bang or what have you! This is a triple drop pendant necklace with three 308 case heads centered with a clear Swarovski crystal. It is attached to an 18″ ball chain in either gold or antiqued brass. She will love you for it! I also have these in 223 case heads. $45




300 Blackout 110gr Lehigh CONTROLLED CHAOS – Beck Ammunition 

The 110gr Controlled Chaos projectile is another cutting edge technological advancement from our good friends at Lehigh Defense.  If you need a 300 Blackout round for hunting and or defense work, this is it.  The 110gr Controlled Chaos is designed to provide extensive wound trauma with minimal pass through energy.  Basically the idea is to burst the bullet into numerous particles at a predetermined depth creating many wounds and a large temporary cavity with shot placement at or near the central nervous system.  This bullet’s expanding and bursting only occurs when it hits a “wet” target by way of hydraulic expansion.

• Suppressor Safe — The projectile is machined from solid bar stock. – $19.95

Keep an eye out for the .510 Beck rounds and firearms releasing in 2017!!!



For the guy or gal that has everything or if you just want to be the coolest guy or gal on the block. For a mere $7500 you can have the most fun you have ever had shooting shotguns. The Crazy Quail Mini Full Motion Package


The CQ Mini is still in final stages of production but you can put your order in. A 360 degree rotating clay thrower that can be controlled via Bluetooth from your phone. Just connect up your iPhone and you can control up to 256 Mini’s with just your phone! Make them rotate in sync, throw a set number of targets with a set number of seconds interval and away you go. You can even SHAKE the phone to throw a target!! Packages actually start at $3500 but why not go all out for the Full Motion Package. Way. Too. Much. Fun.





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