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a3ganetteandjoedevildogarmsThis is the second year in a row I have competed in a 3 gun event over Halloween weekend. Last year in 2014 was the first Brownell’s Ladies 3Gun Event held in Atlanta. This year at the same range and the same weekend was the Atlanta 3Gun (A3G) yearend championship. It just so happens that Halloween is also my birthday. I could not ask for a better way to celebrate than to shoot! Of course I had to do what most people do on Halloween and show up in costume. This year I was the only one that did. I still had a great time and I think the other shooters appreciated the humor. If not at the least they were a bit creeped out by me. My Pippy Long Stocking Zombie outfit fit right in. Or not? Several layers of liquid latex and bloody open wounds later I shot my way through 10 stages of the match.

Team Devil Dog ArmsChris Palmer A3G director a3ganetteshotgun a3ganetterifle a3ganetterebecca With Christi Tate With Chris Palmer A3G director With Michael StackA3G is the organization led by Chris Palmer and Paul Coad that has put on monthly 3gun matches for the last two years in Atlanta. A mini 3Gun Nation if you will. Devil Dog Arms (DDA) which happens to be my rifle sponsor and team has been their main supporter and sponsor. Your eyes would have bulged out if you had witnessed the prize table at this championship. I am not just saying this because I am a DDA team member. Joe Lucania the owner of DDA went above and beyond any sponsor I have seen. The prize table was filled with DDA complete rifles, lowers and uppers. There were over 20 items donated by Joe. Incredible! The monetary value was one thing but the support was priceless. Joe is a rarity in the field that he actually is present at every match they sponsor. He comes out to meet the competitors and to support his shooting team. He is the first to have a designated all-women’s shooting team. This has been getting a lot of attention in the sport and I hope sets an example for more firearm related companies to do the same. This would inspire more women to get involved in the shooting sports and a goal to reach. We all have matching jerseys and the greatest 5.11 jackets with a huge DDA logo embroidered on the back. (See photo) People keep asking where they can buy one. This is for team only! A coveted spot. He takes care of his Devil Gals! Not to mention the beautiful rifles we get to shoot. This year’s match was to be a two day match over the weekend but impending weather forecasts forced a change in plans.

Heavy rain was predicted for the Sunday. Having just been flooded out at a recent match in S. Carolina during the hurricane, (I was at that “Muddy Maidens” match) A3G director Chris decided to ask people to shoot it all in one day on Saturday. It really sucks to shoot in the pouring down rain. I am a Seattle girl and I am used to those conditions but it does not mean I like it or have to shoot in it. So I was more than happy to avoid the rain if possible. We then came back at a decent hour Sunday morning inside the dry and warm clubhouse where they handed out awards and prizes. My team mate Rebecca King and I arrived a day earlier and were offered the opportunity to shoot as many stages as we wanted on Friday as the RO’s were shooting. It was a warm sunny afternoon so we jumped on it. We are able to get in 5 stages which left a half day only for Saturday to finish. Chris and Paul designed a great match. Most stages used all 3 guns. The range has a cowboy town and shoot house that everyone looks forward to. We had one spray and pray stage with just the rifle at close range. This match does not offer any long distance targets but they keep it interesting by the stage designs. The farthest range may have been about 50 yards or so. The shoot house challenged us with a plate rack that had no shoots behind the plates using your pistol. Front sight, front sight, front sight! Dang it and I still hit one of the white boards. That first afternoon I struggled with a couple of the stages. One thing I still need to learn is the different rules. 3Gun Nation rules are their own and I did not know that the “rifle” paper targets could also be shot with pistol and/or slugs until the second day of the match. I would have approached the stages more efficiently. Now I know. Saturday I shot really well but it did not bump me back up. I finished middle of the pack overall considering. This was my last match of any kind for the year. I am relieved for the small break. I will pick it up again the weekend before ShotShow in January of 2016 and hopefully shoot the Sin City precision rifle match that is offered. From there I have the awesome Berger SW Long Range Nationals in Phoenix the first week of February. I have some exciting news to announce soon about a new tv adventure for next year. My competition schedule will be a bit up the air until I figure the entire schedule of that. I will announce more when I am allowed. I am super excited and can’t wait to share this new adventure with everyone!

Thank you to all of the sponsors (Remington, CPWSA, Frredom Munitions, X-Treme Bullets, Nightforce and more) that made the match possible and fun!


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